Texas VW Classic - April 21st & 22nd, 2018 - Fredericksburg, TX
Texas VW Classic - Volkswagen Classic Car Show
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General Class Awards
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Class 1 Type 1 - Split & Oval Sponsored by Wayne's VW Werks
Class 2 Type 1 - 1958-1967 - Stock Sponsored by The Bug Stop
Class 3 Type 1 - 1958-1967 - Modified Stock Sponsored by OakHill Automotive
Class 4 Type 1 - 1958-1967 - Custom
Class 5 Type 1 - 1968-1979 - Stock Sponsored by Austin Veedub
Class 6 Type 1 - 1968-1979 - Modified Stock Sponsored by Motorsports Tulsa
Class 7 Type 1 - 1968-1979 - Custom
Class 8 Type 1 - Convertible 1967 & Earlier
Class 9 Type 1 - Convertible 1968-1979 Sponsored by Enterprise Rent-a-Car
Class 10 Type 2 - 1967 & Earlier - Stock Sponsored by Callahan Branch, TWFG Insurance Services
Class 11 Type 2 - 1967 & Earlier - Custom
Class 12 Type 2 - 1968-1979
Class 13 Type 2 - Campers 1967 & Earlier
Class 14 Type 2 - Campers 1968-1979
Class 15 Type 2 - Pickups
Class 16 Ghias - Coupes
Class 17 Ghias - Convertibles
Class 18 Things Sponsored In Loving Memory of Larry Parrott
Class 19 Type 3 & 4 Sponsored by J&T & G-Kids
Class 20 Fiberglass Tub Buggies Sponsored by Hawkeye Buggies
Class 21 Off-Road: Rails
Class 22 Off-Road: Bajas Sponsored by Qualitat
Class 23 Special Interest
Class 24 Water Cooled: Others Sponsored by VW Parts Vortex.com
Class 25 Water Cooled: New Beetles Sponsored by Lawrence Hall Volkswagen
Class 26 Water Cooled: Vanagons

Note: 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies will be awarded for each class listed above.

Classes subject to change, final class list will be available at registration.

Anyone who registers in the show will recieve two ballots for judging two classes, chosen at random. After registration closes, we will print lists of all the cars in each class so judges can make sure they have viewed every car. To cast your ballot, simply fill in the entry numbers for your top three cars in each class and turn in inside the main pavillion.

Show Awards

Best of Show
Best Engine
Best Paint
Best Interior
Best Display
People's Choice Awards
To Be Announced at Show

Class Definitions

Type 1 – The original and still king, the Beetle, the Bug, the People’s Car.
The People's Car

Split & Oval – Early Type 1’s have a small oval rear window. The earliest of these have the window split into two small semi-circle windows.

Type 1 Oval
Type 1 - 1958–1967: 1958 saw the end of the small oval rear window, marking the beginning of the more common 60’s bug. There was another major design revision to the bug in 1967 that changed the drivetrain significantly while leaving the outward appearance mostly unchanged.
Type 2 - Early Model
Type 1 - 1968–1979: The 1968 and later bugs come with several upgrades including a bigger engine, 12-volt electrical system, passenger’s side exterior mirror and a driver’s door armrest.  The eighties marked the end of the beetle in the U.S. but production continued elsewhere, most notably Mexico where bugs were produced up until 2003. Please classify any bugs from this era under Special Interest.
Late Model Type 1

Stock – The Stock class is for cars that retain most of their original features without much customization. Stock cars should have original-style bumpers, wheels and paint. 6-volt models may be converted to 12-volt.


Modified Stock – Custom paint jobs allowed, up to two colors. Only body modifications allowed are de-chroming and one piece door windows. Same size custom wheels and tires allowed. Engine modifications limited to simple bolt-on or chrome items only. Suspension may be lowered or raised. Window tinting allowed. Interior changes limited to simple add on items.

Modified Stock

Custom – Anything goes! Custom paint job, any engine, and any wheels allowed. Suspension modifications allowed. Fiberglass body modifications should consider entering the Special Interest class


Convertibles – The Beetle Cabriolet was produced between 1949 and 1980. These bugs have a soft top that can retract behind the rear seats.

Convertible Bug

Type 2 – The venerable VW transporter. The bus, the microbus, the kombi, the camper conversion, the westy, the single cab, the double, from the lowly panel van to the mighty 23-window deluxe, we love em all. Shovels, rakes, and other implements of destruction sold separately.

Type 2

Type 2 - 1950–1967: Early transporters have a split windshield, formed by two flat squares of glass with a bar in between.

Early Model Type 2

Type 2 - 1967–1979: Later model transporters have a single bay-window type windshield.

Late Model Type 2

Campers – Any transporter with camping equipment. May be original or after market conversion.

Type 2 Camper

Pickups – Transporters with a flat bed and folding side panels. A single cab is a 2-seater and a double cab is a 4-seater.


Karmann Ghias – These sporty cars are the result of hand-built bodywork by German coach-builder Karmann set atop a Type 1, and later a Type 3, chassis.


Things – The type 181 or Kürierwagen, is based on the German WW2 military vehicle the Kübelwagen.


Type 3 & 4 – The type 3 was intended to be a more sophisticated car while still retaining much of the original bug’s engineering. There are three varieties of type 3’s: the original sedan is known as a Notchback, the station wagon is a Squareback, and the fastback coupe is a Fastback. Type 4’s are similar but rare.

Type 3 - Squareback

Manx – A Manx dune buggy, or beach buggy, is a fiberglass bodyshell over a VW bug frame and engine. Originally designed by Bruce Meyers the Manx has been copied by countless other manufacturers.


Rails – Box or tube rail frame on a VW chassis.


Bajas – Bajas are created by taking a VW bug, or other model, and modifying it for off-road adventures. Baja Bugs are easily identified by shortened noses and trimmed fenders.


Special Interest – Any VW based kit, unusual modification, extreme custom, one-of-a-kind, or just weird car, truck, boat, airplane, etc...

Special Interest

Competition – Cars meant for competition racing. Dragsters, Oval Track Racers, etc...
Water Cooled – Any VW with a radiator. This means almost every VW made after 1980.
Water Cooled
New Beetle – In 1998, Volkswagen reintroduced the name Beetle for a design resembling the original and based on a Golf Mk4.
New Beetle

Source: Wikipedia.org

If you would like to sponsor a trophy class please contact steve@texasvwclassic.com