Texas VW Classic - April 21st & 22nd, 2018 - Fredericksburg, TX
Texas VW Classic - Volkswagen Classic Car Show
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#0320 - 1964 Two tone Blue stratus and white Beetle
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  • 1964 Two tone Blue stratus and white Beetle
  • The car is a 1964 VW beetle bought in Washington state restored by the Santiago's family father two son's and the Wife. The restoration took about 1 1/2 years to do it was a pan off complete restoration that was built with the family concept in mind to make sure the kids had the opportunity to learn about Volkswagens and the Volkswagen culture The restoration was completely done by the family and no one other than the family has perform any work on the vehicle from the body repair to block sanding painting buffing interior electrical and engine work all done by the family themselves. The pans have been completely replaced POR 15 and rhino line prior to the installation of sound deadening. The body was completely been taken apart and strip down to bare metal. The metal was treated and urethane primed as well as regular 2K primer and then sealed prior to the application of three coats of base paint and four coats of clear paint. To paint was wet sanded and then buffed to a high shine. The interior of the car was completely redone seats were taken apart rust remove paint it and reupholstered with new materials. The front beams has been shortened 2 inches and hieght adjusters installed. It has disk brakes on the front and Drums on the rear. The car has been lower one click in the rear and has original front wide five wheels and whide five deep 6 inches in the rear. It has a stock 1600 engine with a 34 pic carburetor. All windows to include the quarter windows are original to the car with the exception of the windshield . My favorite part of the car is the two hand prints one from each of my kids on the rear apron that represents the work that they perform on the vehicle and also represent the fact that Volkswagens break down and need a push every now and then and thus showing that someone has pushed the vehicle. Thank you. v/r Luis Santiago
  • Owned by Luis Santiago of Converse , USA-TX
  • Show: 2017 Texas VW Classic
  • Class: Type 1 - 1958-1967 - Modified Stock